A regular maintenance schedule is key to a successful aquarium. Most specimens kept in the aquarium are from much larger bodies of water and fluctuations in the physical environment are controlled by Mother Nature. Things are much different in the aquarium, where there is limited water, and toxic chemicals are produced in higher concentrations. However, with a regular maintenance schedule, the natural environment can be more closely imitated.
All aquariums are not maintained the same way. The process depends on the type of aquarium inhabitants. Some tanks need to be cleaned more often, some less. Some filters need to be changed more often, others never. To have a successful aquarium, proper maintenance is very important to ensure your specimen’s vitality and health. A strict maintenance schedule is often neglected by aquarium owners, and leaving this out is the quickest way for your tank to depreciate and potentially “crash”.


Tired of scrubbing out that algae-ridden tank, and making a mess of any area near your aquarium? Take away the burden of maintaining your aquarium environment and let us do it for you. Nature Aquatics offers local setup and maintenance, and consultation services. Whether you want to set up a new system or rejuvenate an existing one, Nature Aquatics offers maintenance services for a wide variety of aquariums and devices. Our maintenance fees and schedules vary with the size of the tank and the devices involved with that particular setup.

Nature Aquatics develops customized routine service programs which optimize the aesthetics of each aquarium and the health of its inhabitants. Dedicated to preserving and protecting the quality of the natural environment, Nature Aquatics was founded on the belief that beautiful aquariums should not be created at the cost of harming or destroying the environment. By supplying fish and invertebrates that have been raised in captivity or collected utilizing environmentally sustainable methods, and by encouraging clients to aquascape their aquariums,

Nature Aquatics is setting the example of corporate social responsibility in the aquarium industry. We have logs of every aquarium designs installed and maintained along with details of the equipment, fish health and water conditions. This is a critical tool in effectively managing and maintaining every aquatic waterbody under our care.

If you already have an aquarium or are planning to purchase one, then you will undoubtedly be interested in a maintenance program which will keep it attractive and healthy at all times. Nature Aquatics trained and qualified staff can do this for you.


Our Comprehensive Maintenance Services include: 

  • Maintenance of filtration, lighting, cooling and heating systems
  • Clean exterior and interior of aquarium surface
  • Water quality testing
  • Change chemical filtration media
  • Motorized gravel Cleaning
  • Update tank decor
  • Water changes
  • Supply and introduction of R/O water (if applicable) as required
  • Administration of medications and treatments
  • Supply of fish food with important custom instructions regarding feeding
  • Procurement and replacement service for livestock
  • Next day emergency service


We also offer customized maintenance services. If you are content with your own maintenance standards but require our help from time to time to bring the aquarium up to speed — just give us a call! We offer full consultation services. Our very affordable charges are based on man hours and materials used.