Nature Aquatics offers professional design, consultancy, design management services to companies as well as individuals. We have many years of experience in aquarium and aquatic display design and implementation. We can undertake all that is required for the creation of a completely new aquarium, an aquarium refurbishment or individual displays ranging from layout planning, concept development, display and theme design, graphics and interpretation, lighting, interactives etc. to tank services design, tank fabrication, installation and commissioning, biological services, stock procurement and husbandry.

Nature Aquatics is being increasingly chosen as specialist consultant for new and refurbished public displays. Our specialist input can include commissioning of feasibility and viability studies, commercial and operational planning, formulation of a realistic development brief, management of client aims through experienced appreciation of client/ operator and consultant/ designer/ contractor expectations, advice on project strategic and general planning, appropriate concept and engineering development, layout development and design — all inter-linked with our project and design management expertise.

Experienced project and design management is essential for project implementation. With our comprehensive and extensive all-round specialist expertise, Nature Aquatics can provide management of the project, the design process and of the design team; of programming and its monitoring, budget control; supervision of consultants, contractors, specialist suppliers and artisans — all involving intense site supervision.
Our Consultancy Services include:

  • Collaboration with contractors
  • Design and location of aquariums
  • Expert consultation and advice
  • Customer education
  • Brainstorming/ decision making
  • Installation and maintenance of technical equipment
  • Water quality check
  • Live stock selection
  • Fish health
  • Aquatic pest control
  • Aquarium setup & maintenance