Outdoor Water Garden & Fountains

Outdoor garden ponds are becoming the most popular landscape elements in both homes and office campuses today. We all have the ability to create a green space in our own home. What makes garden ponds interesting is the addition of new and different elements to the typical garden. Outdoor gardens comprise an array of beautifully colored flowers, shrubs and bushes. Ponds add patterned stonework, running water, fish to watch and feed, and flowering aquatic plants, attracting frogs, toads, birds and butterflies. Before you know it, it’s a nature reserve in your backyard!

Water in the garden is the essence of life, home to the unsurpassed beauty of radiant water irises and lilies, the glimmering iridescence of goldfish, the graceful movements of koi and reflections from the sky above. Water has immense attraction to everyone, satisfying our senses with sounds that only water can make. For centuries, we have enjoyed the beauty of fountains and water gardens in public squares and private estates. Water gardens create a natural focal point, irrespective of whether these are located in home gardens, shopping malls or in office buildings.
Water garden design varies, according to the space it fills and the individual gardener’s desires. Tropical gardens with exotic lotus flowers may fill one gardener’s wishes, while another may dream of relaxing beside a whispering waterfall. Water gardens of all designs provide superb eco-systems for plants and fish. The reasons for planning to set up a water garden are various. Commercial landscape architects use water in their design for effect and uniqueness. Homeowners want to replace their rakes, lawn mowers and weed eaters with a work-free water garden. Others desire a pond “just like grandpa always had,” and many of us are simply looking for a garden to enjoy, a haven for relaxation.
Water does have a relaxing effect, whether it is the rhythmic waves of the ocean, the sounds of a gently running brook, or the quiet beauty of a pond. While we may be unable to recreate nature with oceans and brooks, we can find pleasure in designing and building garden ponds. Nature Aquatics offers custom builds, installations and complete maintenance of your water gardens and pond systems, including regular cleaning and stocking of new fish and supplies.

Auqatic Garden

Auqatic Garden

Nature Aquatics designs, builds, and maintains water features that include custom-crafted waterfalls, ponds, pondless waterfalls, koi ponds, lakes and streams. We always try to implement self-sustaining aquascape combine low maintenance with high enjoyment. We will create a lifetime of wonderful memories which offer you enjoying all of the beauty and benefits Mother Nature right in your own home or workplace.

We also install biological and mechanical filtration as well as submersible pumps and motors for all sizes of existing ponds.

We use our technology to keep the water clean rather not to become green. Also install automatic thermal system for different season. We also takeover existing ponds and replace equipment.


We stock and import dozens of different species of outdoor pond livestock and plants. We aslo provided necessary equipment for setup pond and water fall. Nature Aquatics also offers consulting services to landscapers to make sure your pond or water features has plants that fit the environment and are safe for the fish we stock.