Nature Aquatics specializes in the development and creation of custom aquarium exhibits that become individual conversation pieces. A member of the design team at Nature Aquatics can meet you, or coordinate a custom installation with your interior designer, architect or contractor that will complement any room in your home or office. Utilizing natural aquatic plants, artificial corals and various natural and synthetic materials, Nature Aquatics can replicate the habitat of virtually any river, lake or coral reef in the world.
Custom aquariums are all handmade to meet specific requirements, using the highest quality of toughened glass sealed with best-in-class silicon based sealants to ensure long life and leak resistance. These tanks offer flexibility of size and dimensions and are ideal for larger spaces or concealed displays.
We offer

Coffee Table Aquariums
Free Standing Aquariums
Office and Boardroom Aquariums
Executives also have a great way to enhance their personal workspace by adding a compact aquarium to their worktable or office! The tranquil aquascape and gentle movement of the fish will help fight stress, improve focus and be a great companion right next to you!

Planted Tank Setup

Planted Tank Setup

Nature Aquatics provide support for aquarium setup according client requirement. Starting form Planted Aquarium we can offer Hard Scaping, Biotop Setup, artificial Scaping etc. Our expert team ready to do any of these according to your requirement.

Hard Scaping

Hard Scaping in client house